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Back in March, yes March, I was trying yet again to fix my gear changing problem on my road bike. Over winter, I spent quite a number of hours on it, in fact. Much too stubborn to get pro mechanic help at the bike shop (since I had no problem dialing it in in previous years), I was resolute in doing the repair myself.

Now I won’t go into all the places a thorough home geek mechanic checks for the cause of a gears-related problem. Which I most certainly did. Or the correct order of troubleshooting that we carefully follow. Which I did.

Or did I? After all my increasingly complex efforts, I had unwittingly bypassed one of the first and simplest potential causes…Maybe the rear wheel wasn’t firmly seated into the frame in the first place. Duh. An easy fix. I’ll just re-seat it.

The bike was nice and high already in the bike stand, so I quite easily reached over and released the rear wheel quick release lever. It was quick alright. The rear wheel promptly tumbled through the chain and derailleur and plummeted to the floor…

[Walking the trail of shame]
I have now lost all credibility as a bike mechanic. Not only because it was such a novice move to unlock the wheel when the bike was off the ground, but also because I left the wheel in disgust, prostrate, on the workshop floor, since March. March! Seriously its still there. Here’s proof. See picture. I’ve been riding my mountain bike ever since. I’ve been riding my mountain bike…shhhhhh… [whispering]…on pavement. Now I’ve gone and lost all credibility as a mountain biker, too.

P.S. The wheel might just languish there for quite some time…

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#mycyclinghumor 😉